Testimonial 2

Words can’t describe how happy we are to have found Budding Flowers Day Home for our son. From the moment we met Kerry and her family,  we knew we wanted her to be a part of our lives and a key part in our son’s upbringing.  Knowing that our son is being taught the same values that are important to us, made the transition of going back to work a lot easier.  We love that Kerry makes a point to take the children on field trips (i.e. zoo, play-dates, visiting senior homes, etc.), because we know our son is getting to do all the things that we wished we could do with him while we are at work.   Kerry is very innovative and always coming up with different ideas for the children to be creative, getting involved and learning about our community, while having fun, focusing on education and being active.   We have enjoyed seeing how much our son has grown from the love and support Kerry (and her family) have provided him during this past year at Budding Flowers.    Her door is always open and she provides great visibility and communication on what she has planned for the children, as well as what they have been up to.  It’s always fun when parents are invited to join on field-trips and to attend special events, so we can experience the same fun and excitement our son does on a daily basis.  We only wish we could attend Budding Flowers too, so we could have as much fun as they do!