What is StoryPark?

At Budding Flowers dayhome I understand the importance of communication with parents.  I know how much it means to parents to feel connected to their children throughout the day.  As such I have chosen to use Story Park for all my private communication.  Story Park is a private secure online platform that allows providers and parents to communicate regularly with picture and video updates of your child.

I am able to share my program planning and you with provide updates on your child’s progress in real time, and you are able to access that information at your convenience.  You are also in control of who has access to this information.   It can be just you or it can anyone in your family you want, including grandma in Australia!

Parents are able to allow who they choose, the opportunity to see how their child is doing in my dayhome. I have had families connect across the globe with story park so that even loved ones who live far away can still feel connected to your little bud.

How StoryPark Works