Fee Schedule

Full Time7:00am - 5:00pm$950/month

Not TV & Cheerios!

Breakfast/Lunch + 2 Snacks

indoor activities

outdoor activities

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At Budding Flowers we believe eating a plant based whole foods diet. We offer breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks daily and we aim to include homemade locally sourced organic food in every meal.  

At Budding Flowers we offer a fun structured day with plenty of opportunities to get out of the house, be active, creative and imaginative.  We use our adventures to learn all the skills our little buds will need to be successful, confident, independent little people at home and in Kindergarten.  We do not spend much time in front of the TV. So, when we are at home, except for our once a month movie mornings, we prefer to spend our days exploring our environment through baking, art, music, science, drama, gardening, and indoor free play and exerciseHere at Budding Flowers we also love the outdoors and whenever possible we love to take our activities on the road.  We go on weekly field trips to local parks and natural areas, community retirement homes, libraries, museums, Telus Spark, Heritage Park, and the Calgary Zoo to name a few.  The natural environment is important to us, as well, so we dedicate at least one day a week to emerge ourselves in the natural world through forest school activities.   

Every Month or Bi Monthly each parent will receive a newsletter detailing what we got up to each month as well as important reminders and dates to keep circled throughout the year.  Additionally we provide a regular does of photos of each child to each parent so they many keep precious mementos of their little buds weekly & monthly adventures!

Our Approach

Preschool Environment

Budding Flowers is a licenced and accredited family day home, through Children’s Choice Community Childcare Services, located in the northwest Calgary community of Evanston.  We are a smoke free, pet friendly home with a resident Samoyed Retriever cross named Marlowe and a mixed breed Cat named Gracie. We have a fully stocked play room and fully fenced back yard out back with ample room and opportunity to climb playPlus we have a garden, where your little ones can help grow their own flowers and veggies each summer. In addition, we are within walking distance to various parks and natural areas perfect for exploring.