It is my goal throughout this pandemic to ensure that the children’s days are kept as normal as possible. I strive to create a loving safe environment where opportunities for stress and anxiety due to the pandemic are limited and hopefully eliminated.

Although I do not actively bring up discussions about COVID-19, it is frequently on the top of the children’s minds and I encourage the children to express their concerns and fears through conversation and play. As we navigate through the upcoming stages of this pandemic, I will continue to communicate regularly with my families as changes occur and continue to provide high quality care within the constructs of the government guidelines.

Due to the current pandemic many aspects of our lives at Budding Flowers have changed.  We are following the current government guidance for approved family dayhomes to the best of our ability.

We have expanded on our already rigorous hand washing and sanitizing routine.  Cleaning and sanitizing of toys and play areas in the home has increased and our daily routine has been altered to accommodate the increased sanitizing requirements.

We are no longer going on field trips to public venues or utilizing playgrounds.  Our intergenerational program has stopped, we are no longer visiting inside other dayhomes, and we are currently staying within the community.  When we are out of the house, we are practicing social distancing, regular sanitizing of outdoor toys and increased hand washing/sanitizing.