Daily Routines & Activities

How we Structure our Routine

Our daily routine at Budding Flowers includes, School runs, Mealtimes, Nap Time, Storytime, Craft Time, STEM activities, Outdoor Time, Field Trips and Free Play.

While a few things are static in our day such as school runs, mealtimes and nap time the rest of our daily routine is flexible and dynamic. It is affected by several factors including, weather, the children’s interest, and the overall mood of the group.

Although I take opportunities to offer intentional teaching moments or provide provocations our activities are largely driven by the children’s interests and are child led.  I regularly take the time to hear the children’s current interests and work with them to find new and interesting ways to explore those interests and the world around them. 

My program planning is based on what the children tell me and what I see developing within their play.  It is also my goal with my program planning to provide daily opportunities for the children to learn and grow. With everything we do, the children are given chances to develop skills in a variety of areas including but not limited to, self-care, emotional regulation, time management, communication, empathy, conflict management and resolution, team work, fine and gross motor skills and early literacy. 

Field Trips

Field trips are a regular occurrence at Budding Flowers.  We are out a few times a week exploring our community and the city of Calgary.

I provide annual passes to the Zoo, SPARK, Military Museum, Fort Calgary and Heritage Park.  We also visit places like, Bass Pro, the YYC Beach, the Glenbow, Nose Creek Museum, and the Aerospace Museum.

The children love going to the local library and attending Calgary Public Library story times throughout the city. We also keep in touch with several dayhomes within Evanston and Calgary. We often go visit other dayhomes and have dayhomes visit us in our home. 

We do collaborative craft projects and STEM activities.  As well many of our field trips are planned between multiple dayhomes.  This means that not only does your child receive socialization within my Dayhome they are given the opportunity to expand their circle and interact and play with a variety of children from a variety of backgrounds and age groups.

Intergenerational Program

Another unique activity that we participate in at Budding Flowers Dayhome is an Intergenerational program at the community retirement homes.

At least once a month we visit a local retirement home and spent time with the residents there. We play games, read stories, and do crafts. This is a wonderful opportunity to bridge the gap between the young and old.  The children have a chance to visit many different residents ranging from those who are fully independent to those requiring full on care.

Many of the children in my care do not have grandparents close by and many of the residents we visit do not have grandchildren of their own near. Words cannot describe the change in the room when the children enter.  Their infectious smiles and laughter create long lasting positive effects on the residents.

Over the years the children in my home have been able to develop longstanding relationships with the residents they meet.  The children love to visit the “grandmas and the grandmas” and I am told that the residents routinely ask when we are visiting again.